MS-2234: Inspection & Route Data Collector

Connect and Sync with SensOS Cloud

-Download/Upload Collected Data while connected to the Internet
-Continue using the App while disconnected to the Internet
-No Internet required while collecting the data

Create your Route on the SensOS Web

-Add an unlimited number of levels to the hierarchy
-Add any number of Locations/Areas, Machines, Components and Points
-Define each Level configuration
-Create Machine & Component Templates for your Plant
-Create and Assign the routes to a user
-Data from the MS-3934 and MS-3934i Apps is compatible and can be uploaded as an out-of-route measurement

Manage Routes in a simple dashboard

-Donwload Routes from the Web
-Select Local routes and collect data without Internet connection
-View Route status
-Upload Routes back to the Web

Get machine info and instructions

-View the machine diagram when collecting data
-Receive instructions and recommendations

Collect Vibration Data

-Collect Wireless Triaxial Vibration
-Three Axis in one shot
-Collect Out-Of-Route Measurements
-View actual and previous vibration Overall values, TWF and Spectra
-Generate instant report and upload to the server or share by mail or messages

Collect Thermal Images

-Receive the previous ghost image to be used as a reference frame
-Match the Thermal Image with the backgrounf frame
-Store and upload the thermal radiometric image

Collect Asset Pictures and Annotations

-Take Pictures and Mark-Up details
-Add icons from the library
-Take annotations for each point

View Local and Cloud Reports

Device Agnostic

-Select the Vibration Sensor to collect data from a variety of commercial devices
-Select the Thermal Image Device from the list