Why sensOS

SensOS offers customized solutions based on years of CBM and business expertise. Our web based and mobile solutions are modular and easy to implement. We interface with your existing sensors or offer you a selection of industry leading sensor options to choose from. Our knowledge and experience translates into added value and peace of mind. With SensOS you get quality software solutions and service every time. Unlike other CBM software suppliers we offer fully customizable solutions. We’re principally a software supplier with the ability to customize software/hardware solutions. We’ll design a solution that fits your business.


Enterprise CBM Management Systems

Our team of software and reliability engineers can create a fully customized CBM solution; data collection, route planning, equipment diagnostics, and reporting.


Mobile CBM Applications

Stand Alone or system-integrated user-friendly applications ranging from simple visual inspections to advanced Vibration Analysis.


Hardware Agnostic Approach

Use sensors from the best OEMs in the world, Web based or portable Android or iOS applications. Cloud based or local data historians. The possibilities are endless.


SaaS Applications

Our combined experience has given us a comprehensive understanding of SaaS-based applications. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities with SaaS implementations. Let us work with you to make your vision possible.


Legacy Systems

Whether you’re transitioning from legacy technologies or wish to integrate new products into your existing platform, SensOS can help make this process seamless.


Advanced Automated Machine Diagnostics

Our platforms employ state-of-the-art Analytics techniques which can be calibrated to your specific requirements. Increasing reliability and saving you money in the long term.

Performance Assurance

When you select SensOS, rest assured we'll take on every task: software-development, sensor integration, and support; to increase your system’s and company's performance.