7314 Multi-Sensor Logger

MS-7314: Machine Acceptance Testing iPadOS® version

  • Created: 06 Oct, 2021
  • Update: 22 Nov, 2022

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The Multi-Sensor logger is capable to connect to two wireless sesnors and collect periodic data, i.e. mount a sensor on the front of the machine and the other on the rear end, and collect data over a time period on both sides.


This module is compatible with the following wireless sensors:

  1. SensorWorks BluVib P-V-T (1-Axis)

Main Menu

  1. Tap on the Sensor name button to open the list of available sensors, and select the accelerometer type from the list
  2. From the list of functionalities select Multi-Sensor Logger.
  3. Note: The user can change the order of the functionalities in the list by dragging it from the right button on each cell

Multi-Sensor Logger

  1. When ussing the app for the first time the sensors must be selected for each position. The sensor information will be stored as a default and used the next time, but the user can always modify it.
  2. Turn the "Config" switch ON to display the list of available sensors, if the sensors does not show turn them on by swiping a magnet to it. 1: Tap on the first sensor on the list and 2: Tap on the "Select" button on top of any box to assign the sensor to it. Repeat with the other sensor and box.
  3. Place the sensors on the machine and press the Start ► button, the system will start collecting data from each sensor at 30 seconds intervals and printing the timestamp, acceleration overall, velocity overall and temeprature sequentially in each box.
  4. Press the Start button again at any moment to force a new measurement if needed before the 30 seconds. The user can scroll the readings up and down.
  5. Note: Next release will include reporting and saving capabilities.


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Version 1.15 b.29 (22 Nov, 2022)

  • Optimized Optimized for iPadOS®16

Version 1.01 b.06 (06 Oct, 2021)

Initial Release