Difference Spectrum

MS-3933: Vibration Analysis Studio Android™ version

  • Created: 18 May, 2021
  • Update: 21 Sep, 2022

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The spectrum difference analysis is very useful to compare the vibration response in the frequency domain between two points, i.e. comparing what differs from vibration taken at the machine and on the base of the same machine, etc.


This module is compatible with the following sensors:

  1. EI-Wiser™3X Mini (3-Axis)

Difference Spectrum

  1. From the main dashboard, open the left drawer (Click the hamburger button) to see the options menu.
  2. On the left drawer menu, select "Sensor Selection"
  3. On the Sensor Selection view, click on the sensor.
  4. Open the left drawer again and click on "Analyze Options" to go back to the list of Tests.
  5. On the main dashboard, select the "Spectrum Difference" option.
  6. The view will open and the device will scan for a wireless sensor. Turn ON the sensor.
  7. Once connected to the sensor, the start button will be enabled. Place the sensor on the asset and press the Start button and collect data.
  8. Place the sensor in the first point and press the Start ▶︎ button. The first spectrum will be collected.
  9. Place the sensor in the second point and press the Start ▶︎ button. The second spectrum will be collected.
  10. Press the Start ▶︎ button again to plot the difference from the first and second spectra. The plots can be zoomed in and out by pinching with two fingers and can be dragged left or right with one finger pan.
  11. The sampling settings can be changed on each spinner.
  12. The spectrum type can be toggled between Acceleration or Velocity.


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Version 1.18 b.94 (21 Sep, 2022)

  • Optimized Optimized for Android 11

Version 1.01 b.05 (18 May, 2021)

Initial Release