MS-3934 Vibration Analysis Studio

Select an Analysis option or sensor to connect

-14+ vibration analysis tests
-Rearrange the tests with a simple drag and drop
-Select from a variety of commercial wired and wireless vibration sensors

Load/Save data and reports to the device, cloud bucket or cloud asset tree

-Save/Load data directly from the cloud asset tree
-Company asset tree can have as many levels as required
-Save pdf reports and csv data directly to a cloud bucket
-Save data locally while offline and upload later to the cloud and assign it to a machine

Triaxial Time Domain Vibration Analysis

-Real-Time Live triaxial TWF
-Change data acquisition parameters: sampling rate, number samples, filtering, etc
-Automatic high peak cursors, differential calculations for time and amplitude
-Save/Load data or generate pdf report in one-click
-Customizable cycle cursors

3D Vibration Analysis

-Real-time 3-Axis orbit
-Generate and send report in one-click

Triaxial Frequency Domain Vibration Analysis

-Real-Time Live triaxial Spectrum Plot
-Change data acquisition parameters: sampling rate, number samples, windowing, filters, etc
-Automatic high peak cursors, CPM cursors, differential calculations for frequency and amplitude
-Automatic and adjustable Sidebands for bearing and gear fault detection

-Fault Frequency and CPM Calculator will place the cursors and sidebands automatically
-Scroll or Search from a database of +3k bearing models

Combined Time-Waveform and Spectrum Analysis

-Real-Time Live triaxial TWF and FFT
-Add cursors to compare in both plots

Spectrum Difference Analysis

-Compare spectra from two points or measurements and find the difference spectrum
-Compare single axis spectra and up to 3 axes spectra

Live Waterfall Plot

-Compare real-time live spectra
-Set manual measurements or automatic data collection

Coast-Down / Ramp-Up Test

-Plot Filtered and Unfiltered Vibration Amplitude and Phase vs RPM

-Plot Filtered and Unfiltered Vibration Amplitude and Phase vs RPM
- Up to 4-channel sensors to plot the triaxial amplitude and phase bode plot

Bump-Test Analysis

-Use impact-hammer to trigger the measurement
-Adjust impact force and view impact in real-time force scale
-Triaxial response when using the 4-channel wireless sensor

Vibration Orbit

-Real-time 2-Axis orbit
-Generate and send report in one-click

Transmissibility Spectrum

-Compare Vibration Spectra for 2 points and plot the transmissibility between them
-One to Three Axes transmissibility
-Useful for checking vibration transmissibilty from the machine to the base, or from one machine to another

Vibration Logger

-Plot Vibration Overall (Acceleration or Velocity) vs time
-Up to 3-Axis simultaneously
-Autoscroll plot

Polar Time-Waveform

-Special for Gear and Fan/Pumps Fault Analysis
-Up to 3-Axis simultaneously
-Adjust RPM or Customize CPM

Cross-Spectrum Phase Analysis

-Plot the Cross-Spectrum Phase between two measurement points
-Phase and Frequency cursors

Phase and Amplitude Spectra

-Plot the Absolute Phase Spectrum and compare with the Amplitude Spectrum

Machine Certification & Testing

-Measure simultaneous triaxial vibration for each point
-The MCD (Machine Condition Detection) module will generate an instantaneous response
-Generate Report and synch data and report with the cloud asset tree

Manage File & Data from one place

-View stored PDF reports or CSV data
-View reports and data stored in the cloud bucket
-Email reports or email measurement data in csv format

Upload stored data to the Cloud Asset Tree

-Select offline stored data and upload to the cloud
-Transfer the data to a specific point of the Asset Tree

Generate and Markup the Report

-Generate report with one button
-Markup, sign and modify pdf before sharing
-Share by Email, Airdrop, Messages, etc