MS-3934i Portable Vibration Analyzer for BluVib M-V-T-3

Login or use the App without login

-Donwload from the AppStore and connect directly to the BluVib M-V-T-3 wireless sensor
-No need to login to measure TWF & FFT, generate reports and save data locally
-Login to upload/download data to the Cloud Asset Tree or Cloud Bucket

Connect to Sensor and Measure

-No need to setup or calibrate, the sensor will work out-of-the-box
-Measure up to 3 channel simultaneously
-Live mode to stream real-time vibration

Analyze Vibration with multiple Tools and Cursors

-High-Peak Auto Movable Cursor
-Spectrum CPM Movable Cursor with Harmonics
-TWF CPM markers
-Spectrum Movable Side-Bands Cursors

Configure Signal and Vibration Analysis parameters

-Select the Spectrum Type to Plot
-Configure data acqusition sampling rate and number of samples
-Selectr number of channels to measure
-Turn live mode on/off

Upload/Download Data to the Cloud

-Save data locally and retrieve previous measurements
-Upload/Downlaod data to the Cloud Asset Tree to a specific machine point
-Upload/Download data to the cloud bucket

Generate Reports

-Generate a pdf report with the push of a button
-Add details and company avatar to the report
-Save reports locally or in the cloud and view later in the App

Intuitive and Flexible Menu

-Flexible menu will allow new features
-Drag and Drop up/down functionalities in the list
-Easy access to the main Settings and File View